SPHAERA Watch Co. is the realization of a long-awaited dream of the three watch enthusiasts Martin Ebner, Daniel Deák and Michael Jug. By pooling their skills, they were able to launch Salzburg´s manufacture in 2023 and give their creativity free rein.

The art of watchmaking is a celebration of our capacity to dream and to sacrifice elements of our objective reality in pursuit of something greater.

SPHAERA - The Manufacture in Salzburg

The three are united by a passion for adventure. They find inspiration
for their watches in the rich culture and dynamic surroundings of the
city of Salzburg. Timepieces for authentic people with character and
a thirst for adventure.

The Meaning Behind Sphaera

“Sphaera,” Latin for “sphere,” symbolizes the wholeness of time. It determines
our lives and we have to make the most of it. Everyone is the
architect of their own happiness. It is the stories of our
experiences that define us.

Manufacture in the mountains of Salzburg

In our workshop surrounded by mountains, we create the watches for your adventures. From the idea to the design to the production of most of the components, our timepieces are prepared for any of your challenges.


In close cooperation with our Swiss suppliers, movements and complex components are manufactured according to our requirements. These are then carefully finished and assembled in our workshop.

In order to guarantee this high standard, our production is limited to a quantity of approx. 300 watches per year.


As a watch manufacturer based in Salzburg, Austria, our primary focus is on crafting watches of the highest quality. Our goal is to ensure that each and every watch we produce is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and precision. The finest materials and components are selected regionally ensuring that we take care of our planet. Most of the production and assembly is done in our Atelier, which is located in the mountains of Salzburg.

Thanks to our crowdfunding campaign we were able to invest in machinery and will do so in future to keep production in our hands as much as possible. This results in the fact, that we only produce in small batches, reducing wastage of resources, raw materials and energy. This way we can focus on Quality rather than quantity, resulting in more finely crafted timepieces that keep on ticking even after our existence! We believe that this is a step in the right direction towards sustainable production and circular economy.


""Form follows function" is a design principle associated with architecture and industrial design in general. This is also my philosophy."


"Filmmaking and watchmaking to me are both about storytelling & craftsmanship, each capturing moments in time that resonate with individuals on a personal level."


"Growing up in the mountains, I always had appreciation for authenticity & craftsmanship, fueling me to build things myself and create something truly genuine."