Vinyl Review - Month Jan. 2024

Vinyl Review - Month Jan. 2024

Les Imprimés "Rêverie"

Who is Les Imprimés and what is Kristiansand?

Les Imprimés is a Band, behind is Morten Martens and he was born and raised in Kristiansand (Norway) 

His ability to produce music is well known in the north. He earned his money with playing and recording other people's music in his own studio on the island of Odderoya. After these sessions, Morten worked on his own solo project. He played the instruments, he sang, he produced and he arranged. Those night hours were worth it. So he created his wonderful album: Rêverie

The lead single “Falling Away” starts with a rough drum beat and you expect a hip-hop track. Then a lushly arranged melody turns the piece into a doo wop single and it just fits. I don’t understand how it works, but it’s beautiful. The genre is soul, with the coloring of the 60s and 70s, but in a new and modern dress. And - Surprise - his voice has nothing to do with soul. His voice is another new piece of the mosaic that takes his music to a level of its own. It is difficult to find a correct category for him. His work most closely resembles the fine style of Khruangbin. Songs like “Muse” and “Chess” sum up his creative work. You can enjoy his album with a cup of coffee in the sun or sip a good wine in the evening. The quality lies in the sensitivity of the pieces.

Rêverie is an album that I will absolutely be listening to throughout the first half of the new year. There really is nothing wrong with this album and for me it gets better every single listen.  



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