Vinyl Review - Month Dec. 2023

Vinyl Review - Month Dec. 2023

Genesis Owuse "Struggler"

Genesis Owusu “Struggler” is a step in a new direction.

He has already proven on his debut album "Smiling with no teeth" that he is one of the most promising talents Down Under currently has to offer.

The tracks cross genres and oscillate between punk and hip-hop, between pop and soul, ... without insulting either side. It's amazing and surprising. You can hear Frank Ocean and Jimi Hendrix as a breeding ground that is surprisingly good for the audible garden. Owusu could have gone a lot of ways with his second record, but he didn't.

He decided to take risks and challenge the listeners and so he convinces us with his artistic power.

„Struggler“ is superb and ist accompanied with the clear feeling that there is more to come.

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