Vinyl Review - Month Nov. 2023

Vinyl Review - Month Nov. 2023

Sufjan Stevens "Javelin"

Sufjan Stevens „Javelin“ is his 10th album and it is in my Top 10 of the year 2023.

Stevens operates as a one-man band. He has always produced his own albums and played most of the instruments on them, too.

With the album he comforts wounds and asks for love. The whole thing is done harmoniously with lots of choir and complex turns of phrase. As it is with life, then, our job isn’t to endure it - it’s to embrace it. On „Javelin“, Sufjan Stevens shows us how. It's a wonderfully educational listening lesson.

It's more than album, it's a sonic journey, through deep space of vulnerability and virtuousness. Take a deep breath and enjoy a cup of coffee with „Javelin“.

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