lifestyleVinyl Review - Month Jan. 2024

Vinyl Review - Month Jan. 2024

Les Imprimés "Rêverie" Who is Les Imprimés and what is Kristiansand? Les Imprimés is a Band, behind is Morten Martens and he was born and raised in Kristiansand (Norway)  His ability to prod...

lifestyleVinyl Review - Month Dec. 2023

Vinyl Review - Month Dec. 2023

Genesis Owuse "Struggler" Genesis Owusu “Struggler” is a step in a new direction. He has already proven on his debut album "Smiling with no teeth" that he is one of the most promising talents ...

lifestyleVinyl Review - Month Nov. 2023

Vinyl Review - Month Nov. 2023

Sufjan Stevens "Javelin" Sufjan Stevens „Javelin“ is his 10th album and it is in my Top 10 of the year 2023. Stevens operates as a one-man band. He has always produced his own albums and playe...